Re: RFC: The new, improved README / FAQ file

> Thanks Paul, I like this version, it addresses nearly all issues I had.

> I assume you excluded it intentionally, but why?

Correct, it's not meant to be a 'how you get the (possibly very bleeding
edge) version of GARNOME 2.6 while I might still be working on it' --
but more of a 'i've got the release copy, now what do I do?'

Same rationale as why the README file isn't contained in my arch tree to
begin with :)

> Also, I like the section about GCC 2.95 problems. But, what I never 
> understood: Is there any way to build the current C++ bindings with the 
> old GCC? Is this sane at all? I never filed bugs against that, as I felt 
> it cannot be done. So I just moved the bindings/*mm* packages to broken 
> and left dasher alone.

I've only ever built bindings against GCC 3.2 or higher (i've got no
systems that need them with an older version of GCC)

I see no reason why it _shouldn't_ work, but someone more authoritative
than me on the list should answer that. 

Thanks for the comments,


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