x-nautilus-desktop problem

hi there

yesterday i wrote about the popup-message "x-nautilus-desktop: no such location". i'm running suse 8.2 with now garnome / gnome 2.6.1. while i was migrating, the location for "x-nautilus-dektop:" was deleted. so i could not set any desktop-preferences and there was also so no context-menu on a mouse-click.

the stepps to make it running:

(my path to garnome: /opt/garnome)

there was no entry in the file "/opt/garnome/etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/default-modules.conf " for "x-nautilus-desktop:", so i added this entry as this

   "x-nautilus-desktop:   vfolder-desktop"

then, i had to add the file


with the content:

      <!-- Root folder -->
        <Name>Nautilus Desktop</Name>

(probably there are other settings for the desktop-vfolder-info file... i'll check the docu for gnome, later)

thats it. now its working. thanks for any help...

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