Re: building Evolution with ssl support in garnome 2.6.2


> > could you be more specific? Does it configure with/without ssl? Does it
> > compile? Does it run?
> > 
> > In my environment (Solaris) it was more simple to use Mozilla's NSS
> > libraries, on Linux openssl and openssl-devel should be enough I
> > guess...
> Nope. Evolution needs the Mozilla SSL libraries, OpenSSL won't do AFAIK.

Correcting: Evolution 1.4.x can use openssl _or_ nss from Mozilla.
I'm not using 1.5.x. Not important why.

> > This will stop after configuration, so you can look at the configure
> > results, and scroll upwards.
> Yeah, something like "not found" and a summary... ;)

That's the point of make configure :-)

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