Re: Another .desktop related problem in 2.6?


> > So, the XDG_DATA_HOME is not exported although it should.
> > I'd prefer the garnome-session sets all the variables, and not user's scripts
> > in his/her homedir. Is this even possible?
> If you want XDG_DATA_DIRS set globally then you can put it in
> /etc/profile.

Hm. Is there any problem, why the variable does not keep its value, when
set in garnome-session script? When does it get reset/unsetted?

Just to be sure. XDG_DATA_DIRS gets exported, but XDG_DATA_HOME does

/etc/profile would be no good for me. I need to set it when choosing
GNOME, because I have multiple builds and multiple versions of them.

I will check if I get the same behaviour on Solaris.

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