Re: Grandr and libs problems

Thanks Mike, 
I tried what you said - All I have are 2.0 libs for Xrandr. I looked in the
libXrandr.a file, though, and extracted the static library from it - 
ar -x libXrandr.a Xrandr.o
and then compiled that into a shared library
gcc -shared -o Xrandr.o
and then renamed it to and redid the other (.so, .so.2)
symlinks to point to that file, and then ran 
ldconfig and
ldconfig -n /usr/X11R6/lib

I can do a nm | grep "XRRSetScreenConfigAndRate" now and get a
valid result, but after running make clean & make in the grandr_applet directory,
 I still get the same exact problem. (all that stuff may have been worthless,
though :) Any other ideas? Does RedHat (or someone else) have different versions
of XFree86-libs rpm?
Thanks again,


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