gdm/login problem ??

Don't know if I should be asking this here, but i'll give it a shot. I use GARNOME 0.26.2 on my Redhat 8 system. When I log in with GDM it starts to load GARNOME, then loops back to the login screen! It even does this when i try to log in to other environments (i.e. Ximian). The only thing that I did differently right before this problem began was the following:
1) I set GDM to automatically login to GARNOME after 20 secs. (Note: the GDM Configuration tool is doing this looping thing now, too!)
2) The garnome splash screen would often be stuck after garnome finished loading. The last time i successfully logged in to garnome I was in a hurry to log back out again and clicked the logout button while the splashscreen was still stuck on the desktop at the time. I had never done this before, but the problem definitely started the next time i tried to login to my linux system.
I hope I explained everything properly. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this bizarre problem i would really appreciate it
*fingers crossed*

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