Re: unable to dawnload from

What a Bug !
Next time I'll google more...
It works thank you.

Just a few question.Won't it be a good evolution for garnome to first
select and test mirrors then download all files and only after compile
and install ?

Le mar 28/10/2003 à 15:20, Heitzso a écrit :
> If you google on the problem you'll find two different solutions.   Both
> involve going in and editing three Makefiles.  The solution noted in
> September no longer works.  The more recent email chain in the archives
> does work.
> (Hint to garnome maintainer -- it would make life much easier if you
> released a trivial update that corrected this in the download tar. 
> Worry about bigger changes later.  This is a silly bug that doesn't
> deserve to see the light of day.)
> Anyway -- your solution is to go to the October archives for this
> email list and you'll find the updated URL that you'll need to edit
> into the three Makefiles there.
> Good luck.
> Joris Dedieu wrote:
> >Hello,
> >Since tow days I try to compile GARNOME 0.27.1 and I get this message
> >
> >make[6]:***[http//] Erreur 1
> >make[6]: Quitte le répertoire
> >`/home/joris/garnome/garnome-0.27.1/bootstrap/xrender'
> >*** GAR GAR GAR!  Failed to download download/xrender-0.8.3.tar.gz!  GAR
> >GAR GAR! ***
> > 
> >What can I do to solve it ?
> >Thanks
> >Joris
> >  
> >

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