Re: unable to dawnload from

If you google on the problem you'll find two different solutions.   Both
involve going in and editing three Makefiles.  The solution noted in
September no longer works.  The more recent email chain in the archives
does work.

(Hint to garnome maintainer -- it would make life much easier if you
released a trivial update that corrected this in the download tar. Worry about bigger changes later. This is a silly bug that doesn't
deserve to see the light of day.)

Anyway -- your solution is to go to the October archives for this
email list and you'll find the updated URL that you'll need to edit
into the three Makefiles there.

Good luck.

Joris Dedieu wrote:

Since tow days I try to compile GARNOME 0.27.1 and I get this message

make[6]:***[http//] Erreur 1
make[6]: Quitte le répertoire
*** GAR GAR GAR!  Failed to download download/xrender-0.8.3.tar.gz!  GAR
GAR GAR! ***

What can I do to solve it ?

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