Can I copy installed binaries from RH 8 to RH 9 ?


I recently used Garnome to install Gnome 2.4 on my Redhat 8 machine. Other than a few minor hiccups, everything went fine. I am wondering if I can simply copy the binaries (eg everything in ~/garnome) to another machine I have that runs Redhat 9.

I have tried copying over the binaries, but I can not log on as I get varying failure messages in my .xsession-errors regarding things like /tmp/.esd/somefile and/or /tmp/.ICE-unix. Do you think this is related to imcompatibility of the binaries or is it just some configuration issue ? I tried clearing out /tmp, but that didn't work either. As a last resort, I can use all the tarballs I now have and rebuild it on my RH 9 machine....but I don't want to do that if I don't have to :)

Also, can I now delete everything in my garnome directory (eg tarballs, work directories etc). I am assuming there is nothing in there that is required, but I thought I'd ask first....just in case :)

All help is appreciated,

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