grandr_applet: Redhat 9

Having some tech problems with garnome, When it gets to installing
grandr_applet I get the following error:

checking for XRRSetScreenConfigAndRate in -lXrandr... no
configure: error: "Suitable Xrandr extension library not found - you
need at least X 4.3"

It is a fresh install of RedHat 9, I am only learning linux at the
moment, so I am not really sure what I am missing. 

I found:
which seemed to be relevant, however, didn't seem to fix my problem.

Somewhere I got the idea I was lack XFree86 bits, so I've installed is
as well as the devel, libs at 4.3.0-2

Although I am sure it is a simple mistake on me behalf somewhere, I
aren't sure what to do so help would be most appreciated. 

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