Re: Moronic newbie question

On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 07:54:22PM +1000, Benj wrote:
> I'm about half way through building gnome 2.4 through gargnome when i
> realised installing as root was probably really really stupid.  I'm only
> on a modem so how can I rebuild to my home directory without losing the
> tarbells I've allready downloaded?  I can see them (as well as bad, root
> makefile) under .../garnome-0.27.1/gnome/...  What should I do?

You'll want to make a GARCHIVE.  You'll have to copy the files from
garnome tree to the garchive directory by hand.  First, make a garchive
dir [mkdir ~/garchive]. Then, from the garnome-0.27.1
directory, do this:

for FILE in `find . -name *.gz`; do cp $FILE ~/garchive; done
for FILE in `find . -name *.bz2`; do cp $FILE ~/garchive; done

That should copy all of the source packages to ~/garchive.  You can then
make clean in the garnome-0.27.1 directory (if it's in a non-root
directory), or just delete it and unpack in a user directory.

In the clean directory, edit, and change the GARCHIVE line
to point to the directory where you copied the sources.  It'll then look
in that directory before trying to re-download the sources.

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