Re: 0.27.1 on RHEL AW 2.1

Bob Kashani wrote:
If you don't need gnomemeeting then

edit garnome-0.27.1/meta/gnome-desktop/Makefile

and remove: gnome/gnomemeeting

thanks. So now it's just down to the XSL problem now, presumably.


On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 13:08, Justin Georgeson wrote:

Bob Kashani wrote:

Hi, Justin.


On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 09:30, Justin Georgeson wrote:

That's Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Workstation, FYI. The make install is failing here:

make[3]: Entering directory `/.automount/afiler0/vol/vol1/home/jgeorgeson/source/garnome-0.27.1/gnome/libxml2'
[===== NOW BUILDING:	libxml2-2.5.11	=====]
	[fetch] complete for libxml2.
	[checksum] complete for libxml2.
	[extract] complete for libxml2.
	[patch] complete for libxml2.
	[configure] complete for libxml2.
	[build] complete for libxml2.
Found DocBook XML 4.1.2 DTD in /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.1.2
Found ISO DocBook entities in /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.1.2/ent
could not locate chunk-common.xsl of DocBook XSLT stylesheets

Are you still getting this error even after you installed the docbook

Try cd'ing into garnome-0.27.1/gnome/libxml2 and running: make clean &&
make install.

All available docbook RPMS from discs 1 & 2 were already installed:

$ rpm -qa | grep ^docb

I have no idea how to "install" the docbook-xsl stuff from It just says to "unpack the distribution somewhere." I
did that, but don't know how to make the garnome build system see it.

I found this on google,,
but wasn't able to run DV's posted script, as I'm not root and can't
write to /usr/share/sgml

$ /tmp/xmlfix
Unable to update root catalog /etc/xml/catalog
Using /home/afiler1/jgeorgeson/xmlcatalog as the root catalog
export XMLCATALOG=/home/afiler1/jgeorgeson/xmlcatalog
creating XML Catalog root /home/afiler1/jgeorgeson/xmlcatalog
creating DocBook XML Catalog /home/afiler1/jgeorgeson/dbkxmlcatalog
Found DocBook XML 4.1.2 DTD in /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.1.2
Cannot write to /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.1.2

I ran the script found at to list missing dependencies, and am wondering if my distro is just too old for this garnome snapshot. Here are the missing dependencies:

MISSSING for deps_gnome_desktop: XFree86-font-utils Hermes Hermes-devel docbook-style-xsl docbook-dtds pwlib pwlib-devel openh323 openh323-devel

I have all the docbook RPMs for AW 2.1 installed. There doesn't appear to be an "XFree86-font-utils" package available, other than grabbing the src RPM from a newer distro. Likewise for pwlib[-devel], openh323[-devel] and Hermes[-devel]. The Hermes one built fine, using the src RPM from I grabbed the pwlib and openh323 ones

from Fedora Core 1, but pwlib wouldn't configure, had errors mentioning

KRB5 stuff, and opeh323 needs pwlib.

Can you post the KRBS error that you're getting? Did the error state
that it couldn't find krb5?

+ autoconf warning: AC_TRY_RUN called without default to allow
cross compiling AC_PROG_CPP was called before AC_PROG_CC warning: Cannot check for file existence when cross
compiling warning: Cannot check for file existence when cross
autoconf: Undefined macros:    AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([[#define OPENSSL_NO_KRB5    AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([[#include
"/usr/local/openssl/include/openssl/ssl.h"      AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([[#define OPENSSL_NO_KRB5    AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([[#include
"/usr/local/ssl/include/openssl/ssl.h"      AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([[#define OPENSSL_NO_KRB5  AC_COMPILE_IFELSE([[
error: Bad exit status from
/home/afiler1/jgeorgeson/redhat/tmp/rpm-tmp.61041 (%build)

$ rpm -qa | grep krb
$ rpm -qa | grep openssl

pwlib and openh323 are just for gnomemeeting, right? can't see myself
needing that, so maybe I can just exclude it from the build?

I think that XFree86-font-utils might be called something else in RHEL
2.1. It may be packaged as part of XFree86-tools? The XFree86-font-utils
from Fedora Core won't work for you and might actually causes problems
since the XFree86 in RH9/FC1 is ver. 4.3 and the one in RHEL 2.1 is ver.
4.1 and I don't think that they are compatible. ???

I have XFree86-tools installed already. Any indication what programs are
needed from the font-utils package?

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