Re: 0.27.1 on RHEL AW 2.1

Hi, Justin.

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 09:30, Justin Georgeson wrote:
> That's Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Workstation, FYI. The make 
> install is failing here:
> make[3]: Entering directory 
> `/.automount/afiler0/vol/vol1/home/jgeorgeson/source/garnome-0.27.1/gnome/libxml2'
> [===== NOW BUILDING:	libxml2-2.5.11	=====]
> 	[fetch] complete for libxml2.
> 	[checksum] complete for libxml2.
> 	[extract] complete for libxml2.
> 	[patch] complete for libxml2.
> 	[configure] complete for libxml2.
> 	[build] complete for libxml2.
> Found DocBook XML 4.1.2 DTD in /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.1.2
> Found ISO DocBook entities in /usr/share/sgml/docbook/xml-dtd-4.1.2/ent
> could not locate chunk-common.xsl of DocBook XSLT stylesheets

Are you still getting this error even after you installed the docbook

Try cd'ing into garnome-0.27.1/gnome/libxml2 and running: make clean &&
make install.

> I ran the script found at to 
> list missing dependencies, and am wondering if my distro is just too old 
> for this garnome snapshot. Here are the missing dependencies:
> MISSSING for deps_gnome_desktop:  XFree86-font-utils Hermes Hermes-devel 
> docbook-style-xsl docbook-dtds pwlib pwlib-devel openh323 openh323-devel
> I have all the docbook RPMs for AW 2.1 installed. There doesn't appear 
> to be an "XFree86-font-utils" package available, other than grabbing the 
> src RPM from a newer distro. Likewise for pwlib[-devel], 
> openh323[-devel] and Hermes[-devel]. The Hermes one built fine, using 
> the src RPM from I grabbed the pwlib and openh323 ones 
> from Fedora Core 1, but pwlib wouldn't configure, had errors mentioning 
> KRB5 stuff, and opeh323 needs pwlib.

Can you post the KRBS error that you're getting? Did the error state
that it couldn't find krb5?

I think that XFree86-font-utils might be called something else in RHEL
2.1. It may be packaged as part of XFree86-tools? The XFree86-font-utils
from Fedora Core won't work for you and might actually causes problems
since the XFree86 in RH9/FC1 is ver. 4.3 and the one in RHEL 2.1 is ver.
4.1 and I don't think that they are compatible. ???

> Anyone have any suggestions (I'm not able to upgrade my distro, although 
> we may be rolling out AW 3.0 soon, which should be based on RH8/9 rather 
> than 7.2/7.3.

It should work on RHEL 2.1 just fine.


Bob Kashani

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