Re: gnome-panel segfaults

Hi Josef,

El jue, 29-05-2003 a las 11:19, Josef Chladek escribió:
> thanks for that, panel is in garnome as well, tried that and
> even the one from cvs, both compile with no problems, i removed my
> COMPLETE gnome2 settings again (.gconf*, .gnome*, ...) - BUT: again,
> segfault. 

Ok... before anything else, did you kill the gconfd-2 process before

> i would file a bug, but my bug buddy segfaults as well - 

Mmmm... you should get a backtrace with gdb and report a bug using the
web interface.


> so
> i'm writing to the list. all my other apps and applets work with NO
> problems, and i use them a lot...
> i think of moving back to the 0.23.1 version...
> anyone else having problems with the 2.3 panel?

Well, I reported a bug in gnome-panel some days ago and it is fixed now,
so, may be your bug is another bug.

Before moving back, please! get a backtrace with gdb and file a bug in
bugzilla detailing the version, if you are using CVS HEAD better!.  A
bug with backtrace is a solved bug.  ;-)

After reporting the bug, send a link of the bug to this list.

If you have more questions, just ask here. :-)


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