usability issues with garnome-0.23.1

Every now and then I try our garnome-0.23.1 to see how it's going.  With
the big release of new packages recently I took the time to build them,
and then retried it.

My based system is Redhat 9 and there are some issues with running
garnome that make it very awkward to use as my primary desktop.  I'm
keen to use it to help report bugs (consider this a report of sorts) but
I also need to be able to use it on a daily basis without having to
fiddle (crashed are fine, fiddling is a PTIA).

There's a couple of things stopping me from using garnome full time and
I'm hoping that they can be addressed.

Firstly, (and this is probably the biggest problem), Metacity keeps
crashing each time I launch from the panel (using both the default
garnome-0.23.1 gnome-panel and gnome-panel-2.3.1).  This is itself isn't
a problem, but each time it crashes, the windows migrate down the
desktop.  Effectively, this leaves me having to constantly move all the
windows up the window or they soon disappear.  I've report this on BGO
and I'm happy to hunt down the cause (with some clues of where to look).

Also, mozilla crashes each time it tries to access the local file
system  This happens with both the mozilla installed with Redhat 9 or
Mozilla 1.3 compiled into garnome.  I've had problems under RH9 with
mozilla-1.2.1, mozilla-1.4a and mozilla-1.4b-2003050209-gtk.  You don't
realize how ofter you access local files (saving files to disk or
opening local files for browse) until it crashes when you try.

Hope these can be resolved so that I can get on with testing garnome


Lest we forget...

"They disembarked in 45,
 And no one spoke and no one smiled,
 There were too many spaces in the line.
 And Gathered at the cenotaph,
 All agreed with hand on heart, 
 To sheath the sacrificial knives.

"But now...
 She stands upon Southampton Dock
 With her handkerchief, and her summer frock
 That clings to her wet body in the rain. 
 In quiet desperation
 Knuckles white upon the slippery reins,
 She bravely waves the boys goodbye again"

			-- Southampton Dock, by Pink Floyd

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