More fontconfig troubles and incompatibilities (Re: KDE Fonts)

Jorge Martin wrote:

I found that deleting .fonts.chache and starting KDE work, the same if
you want to open a KDE app, delete .fonts-cache and then open the app,
garnome will take over .fonts-cache again so you have to do these
procedure everytime you want a KDE app.

If this is the problem, then maybe we should apply a patch on to Owen Taylor's patch to use [.]fonts-cache.2 or [.]fonts-cache.1.1 instead of .fonts-cache.1, because of the incompatible changes in those files (the addition of "fulldir"). This was one of the suggestions Owen Taylor made along with the patch, but I am not quite sure why it is not implemented (maybe because he wanted to keep Keith Packard in charge of fontconfig versions).

As for the concrete problem, you might try removing your old used by KDE and replacing it with the one shipped with GARNOME. Of course, if there's a Xft1 and Xft2, there might be some incompatibilities, so be sure to have your backup ready.


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