Re: Font cache stalling.....

> John Hornbeck wrote:
> > I have had this problem for awhile and I have posted on here before
> > about it. When I try to build Garnome(different versions 0.21.0+),
> > always on RedHat 8 with all updates, I get stuck at building font cache.
> > It will stay there forever if I let it, it does nothing. Is there
> > something I can do?

Yes - I searched around and found a hint in the archives.

Basically you need to replace the freetype-2.1.3 module with the 
freetype-2.1.4rc1 module.

Grab freetype-2.1.4rc1.tar.bz2 and put it in misc/freetype/downloads

Next calculate the md5 checksum of the downloaded file, i.e.:

# cd misc/freetype
# md5sum download/freetype-2.1.4rc1.tar.bz2 >> checksums

so that your misc/freetype/checksums file looks like this (maybe)

09775a4111e066f782866d8a57d8481b  download/freetype-2.1.3.tar.bz2
51eddf89808bea600f6a0b352faae97f  download/freetype-2.1.4rc1.tar.bz2

Then edit misc/freetype/Makefile and change the GARVERSION from 2.1.3
to 2.1.4rc1.

For good measure get rid of the old fc-list binary.

Rebuild and have fun with garnome!

Thanks to Andrew Gaffney for posting this fix on 10-Feb to the
garnome-list with Subject: Solution for fc-list locking up during build.


Mark Hittinger
bugs pu net

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