gnome terminal, or Eterm... Lets speed up gnome-terminal

Who here will help me profile gnome terminal? Maybe to come up with some
objective tests? So far. things like
1. make sure both terminals use the same settings
	a. font
	b. scrollback buffer size
	c. transparency settings
	d. terminal sizes (various window sizes)
	e. compiled with same compiler
	f. etc etc
Have shown Eterm is generally quicker (twice as fast??) to redraw the
terminal background wile dragging the window around, and faster at
pushing lots of text out (cat'ing large textfile).

I'm hoping to discover why Eterm (old imlib2 based terminal) is sooo
much faster than gnome terminal (based on gdk-pixbuf).

I really think it's time to look into it. I'd like to get gnome-terminal
fast enough to use as my main term.


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