Re: A gripe and some questions

<quote who="Nick">

> When I log in w/ the new Gnome, the startup splash screen persists for
> minutes (not a typo--several minutes).  It looks like it's loading the
> multi-applet.


> Attached is a screen shot for reference.

Thank you for forgetting to attach the screenshot. Please don't send
attachments, just provide an URL.

> I've noticed many screen shots from people that have rounded corners for
> their windows.  RH 9 defaults w/ this configuration.  Is that
> accomplished via a specific window manager or theme?  Which one?

Bluecurve theme, amongst others.

> Lastly, my weather applet no longer works (it worked fine in the old
> Gnome).  It always reports, "There was an error retrieving the forecast"
> and displays question marks in the panel.  Any ideas?

It's broken atm. Bug.

- Jeff

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