Re: GnomeVFS Test Compile Failure


I have a pretty much stock Solaris 9 FCS release, with any additional patches that got added in by SunONE Compiler Collection 8. I built my toolchain (minus gcc) using the Sun compilers - it contains the basic GNU utility set:

make 3.80
gawk 3.11
libtool 1.4.3
m4 1.4
bison 1.875
flex 2.54
perl 5.8.0
autoconf 2.57
automake 1.7.2
readline 4.2a
zlib 1.1.4
tar 1.13.25
wget 1.8.2
ncftp 3.1.5
curl 7.10.3
lynx 2.8.4
textutils 2.1
fileutils 4.1
findutils 4.1
diffutils 2.8
patch 2.5.4
cvs 1.11.5
grep 2.5
pv 0.5.3
less 378
vim 6.1

all of this bundled up into a Solaris package installed in /opt/sunx (I use GAR + some extensions for creating prototype/pkginfo files and making Solaris packages).

For GCC, I just use the latest from SunFreeware... I'm considering moving to the binutils from SunFreeware as well, as ld seems to be giving me more headaches lately than I can stand...

The compile system is a 2x360MHz Ultra60 w/1GB RAM + 2x9GB SCSI HDD.


Jeff Waugh wrote:
<quote who="Cory C. Omand">

This is GARNOME 0.25.1 on Solaris 9 using GCC 3.3.  Everything up to this
point compiles (relatively) well. (relatively meaning I found other
problems which I can't explain but managed to work around -- mostly the
inability of some packages to compile in symbols from libgcc, perhaps due
to my use of the Solaris linker).

By the way Cory, do you have a list of the patches or pkgs that you've
installed for Solaris 9? I'd love to put this up on the website. I haven't
got around to building GNOME on my Sol9 box yet, it just has the Sun 2.0
stuff on it atm.

I'm sure Sol9 won't require the amount of extra random crap that HP-UX 11
does. :-)

- Jeff

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