Re: HP-UX & garnome: FAILED

I believe you should have rather started with GARNOME 0.21.2 (it's GNOME 2.2.0, but it'll be easy to upgrade to GNOME 2.2.1 later on).

It contains far less issues, and you could concentrate on getting HP-UX stuff work, instead of wrestling with GARNOME 0.22.0 bugs (Jeff promised a new release long ago).

Next, when it comes to bison problems (which you're most probably experiencing), I'd suggest to downgrade bison (eg. bison 1.28 on my Slackware works find, but bit newer releases should work too). I think there were some reports by the people who used the brand new bisons before.

Also, check that you have a sane SGML tools environment, because one of the crucial (well, sort of) components of GNOME 2.2 (scrollkeeper) depends on it. So, check the


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