Re: Building DEBs from GARNOME

> -1st- it should be easier to install GARNOME on more then one machine
> rather from DEBs or RMPs then tarballs.

scp -r ~/garnome othermachine:

> -2nd- When something goes wrong with my system it should be easy to
> UNINSTALL garnome (yeah - such things happen ;-) ) from it.

rm -rf ~/garnome

> Debian has tools that can ease such process and files from "debian"
> directory could be generated by Garnome makefile individually for each
> tarball.

This is not an uncomplicated process, especially if you tried to get GAR to
build packages with debhelper. If GAR were to build .deb files at all (and
I'd suggest that it is a waste of time), it should build raw packages with
generated control files and a tarball of the installable files, rather than
attempting to use debhelper.

> Now I have realy not much time for playing around my home
> Woody but when I will have some I'll try to write such scripts. Be
> patient ;-)

I'm not really interested in having this in GARNOME. The packages will be
shite (guaranteed - humans do a better job), I'll get lots of clueless
bugreports about them, and it will take away from the point of GARNOME ->
that it is a distribution of GNOME for *testers*.

- Jeff

  So, "Jeffrey" seems to mean "the ineffectual, victimised guy in
  American movies" in four different languages.

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