Re: no database available to save your configuration

This should be a FAQ too :)  You need to add


to the garnome/etc/gconf/2/paths file.  If you want stuff like Galeon
from GNOME 1.x to work, too, you also have to add the paths from
/usr/etc/gconf/1/paths or wherever your GNOME 1.x gconf config file is.


On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 04:05, Juergen Rose wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed gnome-0.10.6. When I start gnome2 I get three error windows.
> 1st  GConf error:
>  no database available tos save your configuration:
>    Unable to store a value at key '/apps/nautilus/preferences_version,
> as the configuration server has no wirtable databases. ....
> 2nd  The application "Nautilus" attemted to change an aspect of your
> configuration that your system asministrator or operating system vendor
> does not allow to change....
> Details:
>    Unable to store a value at key '/desktop/gnome/file_view/icon_theme'
> ....                                                  
> '/desktop/gnome/file_view/show_hidden_files'
> ...                                                    
> '/desktop/gnome/file_view/show_backup_files'
> 3rd No panels were found in your configuration. I will create a menu
> panel for you.
> This happens if I start gnome2 as root or as a newly created user
> gnome2test, if I start it via xnest or Xsession.
> Any hint would be appreciated.
> 	With best regards
>        		Juergen
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