fontconfig - not all fonts available in Gnome2?

Hey guys,

I posted an idea of using fc-cache as root without garnome env.
The problem with that was, that you have to exec fc-cache after each
The advantage was, that all fonts were available in gnome2 prefs!
Now, since I execed fc-cache as root with garnome env, only some fonts
are available, but all directories are listed in fonts.cache-1 file.

i.e. subir TTF is listed and contains tahoma.ttf in fonts.cache-1 file
and in subdir TTF a string "tahoma" is in fonts.cache-1 in that subdir.
But i can not choose tahoma at all.

Any ideas?

(Can anyone tell me why sometimes no "Reference links" appear in my
postings although I have a valid RE: subject with the quoted original

-- Rolf Kulemann

Computer Science is merely the post-Turing decline in formal systems

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