Re: [gamin] can a Python callback, exit?

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 05:14:44PM -0800, Don Lindsay wrote:
> More specifically, can a Python "try-except" clause catch an exception 
> raised inside a callback?

  in general no. The C code won't forward the exception (assuming I
understood the question properly).

> I tried it - admittedly with gamin-0.1.7-8.fc6, not with 1.8. The 
> exception wasn't politely caught.
> I also notice that none of the test programs do "raise" or "exit()" inside 
> callbacks, and returns status to the mainline by setting a global 
> variable "ok". What I want to do, is to terminate the watching program if 
> the thing being watched gets deleted. Do I have to code it like ?

 I don't remember precisely but I guess sys.exit() would exit the program
unless there is some kind of threading involved. For exceptions propagations
I'm pretty sure it doesn't work though ...


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