Re: [gamin] Gamin CVS (17/06/2005) has issues

(Seems I sent it off wrong, and did not include the list)

On Sat, 2005-06-18 at 14:53 +0100, Ash Milsted wrote:
> I'm running it with the inotify backend and have noticed repeated 'end
> from FAM server connection' messages on the console. At this moment
> they don't occur too often, but yesterday I notcied my system becoming
> sluggish with a alot of swapping going on. The console had these
> messages appearing every second or so. Killing gam_server didn't help as
> it was respawned and the problem continued - only closing down gnome
> helped. I *think* this wasn't happening using a checkout on the 13th,
> so it may be a change since then... It could also be an inotify
> update.. Just letting you guys know.

With cpu usage to 100%?  If so, then another amen from here.

Usually killing nautilus solves it.


Martin Schlemmer

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