[gamin] [OT?] re-compiling gamin

Hi all,

Firstly this is not intended as the start of a flame fest! gamin is a
great piece of software and my question is really more general than
gamin specific.

A question I always wanted to know the answer too but have never
really asked ....

I have a running gnome 2.10.1 desktop, its great! - I keep getting
random nautilus crashes and I totally without any basis whatsoever
suspect the cvs(?) version of gamin I am using.

So I said to myself a while back why not upgrade gamin when
kernel-2.6.12 comes out ..... it has .... I have upgraded my kernel
and nothing much has changed so I am looking at building gamin-0.1.1
now I understand that gnome-vfs is the major user of gamin/libfam in
the gnome stack.

My question is two part;

If I build gamin-0.1.1 and install it over the top of my existing
gamin-0.0.26 (which came from cvs?) will I have to recompile gnome-vfs
and everything that depends on it?

If the answer is yes, and it is not because the symbols etc within
gamin have changed, how then do the large distributors (e.g SuSe,
RedHat) not have to ship updates to every package when one of its
dependencies has been updated?

I know this is a basic linking/relocatable library question so if
there is some awesome FAQ that deals with this I would really
appreciate if you could point me in the appropriate direction.


Mark Carey

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