[gamin] end from FAM server connection

Greetings.  Martin Schlemmer wrote recently about Gamin CVS (17/06/2005)
Being a fam and gamin newbie, I'm not sure if this is related, but
running Fedora3 gamin-0.0.15-1, every few hours I am getting:

  end from FAM server connection
  SGI::FAM: Connection failure at /home/epbin/inocd line 37

now line 37 is 
  my $event=$fam->next_event; # Blocks

(FWIW, /home/epbin/inocd is a homebrew daemon which runs
 CA's inoc over mail-files belonging to our windows users.)

Usually I just restart my inocd and it runs OK again for a few hours.

Regards, Peter

Peter Billam,   DPIWE/CIT/Servers,   hbt/lnd/l8,   6233 3061

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