Re: No help at gnome-nibbles.

I can confirm this happens with nightly flatpak. Please file an issue in :)

It seems to open help in some weird way, since it just shows an app chooser portal here (and choosing Yelp doesn't work, since the help files aren't present on host), while other apps open yelp from the runtime.

On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 10:03 PM, Γιώργος Κωστόπουλος via games-list <games-list gnome org> wrote:
Hi! :-) Clicking "Help" at menu, doesn't do something. I can see that the help files are installed and also is Yelp., however the menu entry seems to be dead. I tried the repository version and I also compiled the latest stable version (3.24) locally. Same results. Of course it's help is always available online (and probably could be read from inside Yelp. I didn't try). I'm just curious. I'm on Devuan ASCII x64. PS. I couldn't find any compilation instructions, so I suppose the correct order is: "./configure" (and install dependencies along the way), "make -j4", "su -", "make install". Am I missing something? Is it a bug maybe? TIA! :-) G. _______________________________________________ games-list mailing list games-list gnome org

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