GSOC New idea (Keyboard Navigation for GL-Chess)

I am Nalin from kerala/India. My papa is a visually impaired person and for the reason i have been working in the area of accessibility for some time.
He is a good chess player and it's a pain to note that Gl-Chess has no keyboard accessibility to play with both using notation and also navigation keys.
in this regard i would like to develop keyboard accessibility for GNU Chess which has the graphical interface as a part of GSOC 2014. And hop that made accessible it will be a nice tool for inclusion.

In comparison to playing chess through command line Gl-Chess is very advanced which provide A nice attractive User interface with additional options Save-Game,Engine selection,difficulty selection,Game-Duration,Human-To-Human,Game-History,Promotion-type etc. this will also enable a sited person to play with a visually impaired person on an equal footing.

Let me know if any work in this regard has been undertaken in Gl-Chess and if so let me know the existing position thanking you.

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