Gnome Games at Leipzig's "Long night of Computer Games"

Hello list,

for your information:
On the 10th of Mai there is the annual "Long Night of Computer Games" at the Leipzig University of Applied Science. The surrounding Retro-Computing Clubs will meet up. Local developers will present their projects and our university's NAO-Team (Robo-Soccer) will present their successes on the field. Our research group for virtual reality will show its progress, I guess. Some tournaments will be played out like the "German Mega Drive Tournament".

It seems like I scored a 15-minute-timeslot to talk about Gnome Games, the state of our project, our plans for the future, the work of a maintainer of an open source project and I will include a call for participation.

If there is anything particular you want me to include: feel free to shoot me a message. If there is any particular design or proposal you want me to mention or any special thing we want help with...

I will put my slides up, once I am there but they probably will be in German.

Also, I will try to consolidate our LGM-Discussions and other proposals now into proper game-specific goals so I can reference them during my talk.

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