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Hello all!

I have recently started looking into getting involved with contributing
to open source projects. I am not new to development but I am new to
contributing code in this manner. I have enjoyed the gnome game package
over the years so I thought I would give a go at the bugs list for this

I ran across a fairly new and easy one for mahjongg (launchpad and
bugzilla links): /gnome-games/+bug/1114855

I have noted that the mahjongg git version 3.7.5 (as of yesterday) fixed
this bug
other than resetting the Resume button to Pause. My Ubuntu (12.04 LTS)
version is a ways behind at 3.4.1 and behaves just as the bug describes.
I played around with the 3.7.5 source, figured out the remainder of this
issue and added that code fix into my local git cloned version.

I was wondering where do I go from here if I wanted to commit my changes
to git and overall contribute to this project. Please excuse my newness
with open source. But I am glad to be starting somewhere!

gapalp gapalp net

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