Fwd: Can I use your GNOME Mines manual in the new help?

Hi all,

I think one of the Gnomine Docbook help authors has agreed to use his text and the license change. Anyone who wants to contribute Mallard can use the text from the old help.


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From: Callum McKenzie <callum spooky-possum org>
Date: Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 2:12 AM
Subject: Re: Can I use your GNOME Mines manual in the new help?
To: Sophia Yu <sophia receiving gmail com>

On 19/12/11 18:16, Sophia Yu wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on migration of old DocBook-style GNOME Mines to the new
> Mallard-style help. The new license of the help will be under Common
> Creative which is not compatible with the current license of Mines(GPL).
> Therefore if I want to use some text from the old DocBook help I have to
> have your permission. Otherwise I have to re-write the whole help. Are
> you OK to let me or new help writer to use your Mines help? If yes I
> will write your names in the contributor list.
If by Creative Commons you mean "CreativeCommons Attribution-Share Alike
3.0 Unported license" as indicated in the sample provided on:


Then I'm fine with the change.

Note that I'll be out of contact for a few days, so if you have anything
else to ask/request don't be suprised if I'm slow to answer.

 - Callum

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