Aisleriot ideas

Hi all. I've got some ideas about Aisleriot, and I wanted to put them out there and see what people think.

	Most of these ideas are aiming to achieve one of the following:
-	Make it easier for people to add new games without having to know as much
-	Make it easier for people to find Solitaire games that they like

A.	Move the XML out of window.c

In window.c lines 2326-2458 contain an XML file. It has preprocessing data in it. I think it would be nice to have this as a separate file. The pre-processing statements could be left in, and it could be preprocessed with "gcc -E".

B.	Have an XML file for data associated with each game

	It could include data like:
- The name of the game (allows punctuation, etc)
- The Category/Subcategory of the game (is it like Klondike?  FreeCell? Spider?)
- The number of decks (single/double deck)
- The type of deck (ie. have some cards been removed?
- The number of redeals

The data above would then make it possible for games to be selected by category. Also, if it was in XML, the knowledge required by contributors would be much lower, so others could contribute the descriptions and categorisations, relieving the developers of *that* load at least.

It would also be useful if there were a Scheme function that could be called, so that the developers of games could access the XML data associated with their game.

(I posted this data in as well)

C.	Reorganise filesystem by game

I wonder if it wouldn't be useful to have a directory called "games" that contains a directory for each game, and each game's files there. So you'd end up with things like:


I'm not sure I've understood the internationalisation stuff well enough to have done that properly. But this should enable the translation of individual games, and the like.

D.	More .desktop files.

Might it be useful to have the "Aisleriot Solitaire" item on the Gnome menus be a submenu instead, and then list all the Solitaire games (categorised, of course) directly on the Gnome menus?



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