gnome-games 2.27.1 released

gnome-games 2.27.1

This is the first gnome-games release to have a hard dependency on clutter. The
clutter version must be 0.9.3 which is currently only in upstream git master.
If this is a problem the --enable-omitgames=gnometris option can be used.
Even if you get gnometris to build don't expect it to work well yet. It is WIP.
The default sound backend is now libcanberra. For now the option to
use sdl-mixer
is still available with --with-sound=sdl_mixer. Let us know if you
need this option
or it may go away later in 2.27.
The experimental clutter version of aislriot is now available with




 - Add doap file (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
 - Depend on clutter 0.9.3 (Jason Clinton)
 - Update copyright year (Jason Clinton)
 - Remove svn specific ChangeLog generation code (Jason Clinton)
 - Handle gst_element_factory_make() returning NULL (Robert Ancell)
 - Port to GtkCellRendererAccel (Christian Persch)
 - Remove extraneous widget packing (Christian Persch)
 - Add --enable-aisleriot-clutter configure option (Christian Persch)
 - Don't append ? on ghelp URI with NULL section (Christian Persch)
 - Add Pulse Support to Docs (Paul Cutler)
 - Fixed DocBook validity in help translations (Claude Paroz)
 - Use g_timeout_add_seconds when available (Christian Persch)
 - Support shave autofoo and libtool output (Jason Clinton)
 - Fix GAMES_DEBUG=sound (Christian Persch)
 - Use libcanberra as default sound option (Christian Persch)
 - Hide the Sound menu item if the global setting is disabled (Christian Persch)

 - Implement dealable feature in Bristol, Camelot, Canfield (Vincent Povirk)
 - Upgrade to clutter 0.9 (Niel Roberts)
 - Add a guide to making a new game for aisleriot (Ed Sirett)
 - Use the default about dialogue hooks (Christian Persch)

 - Update our copy of GNUChess for POSIX 2008 compatibility (Jason Clinton)
 - Add a new display mode - face-to-face (Chris Burkhardt, Robert Ancell)
 - Only allow selecting with the primary mouse button (Robert Ancell)
 - Port to GtkBuilder (Robert Ancell)

 - Remove our private copy of clutter-embed.h (Jason Clinton)
 - Remove noclutter version (Jason Clinton)
 - Switch to new-style clutter includes and initialization (Jason Clinton)

 - Fix pause/resume with the pause key (Ying-Chun Liu)
 - Code cleanup (Johannes Svensson)

Lights Off:
 - Use new import mechanism to work with seed >=0.5 (Tim Horton)

 - Update DOC_FIGURES (Claude Paroz)

 - Massive code cleanup (Zhang Sen)
 - Port to GtkBuilder (Thomas H.P. Andersen)
 - Distribute 150 very hard puzzles instead of 20 (Thomas H.P. Andersen)

 - es: Jorge Gonzalez, Daniel Mustieles
 - sl: Matej Urban

And these stable tree forward-ports:

amitakhya (2):
      Updated assamese translations

aronxu (2):
      Added Simplified Chinese translations by M Zhang <mymzhang at
gmail dot com>

bcicek (1):
      Updated Turkish translation

chpe (2):
      Make desktop files validate without warnings.
      Update smclient from libegg

djihed (1):
      Updated Arabic translation

frolix68 (2):
      Added Greek translation by Jennie Petoumenou
      Added el to languages

jclinton (5):
      Branched for 2.26
      Add glchess to list of need_ggz. Fixes build with --enable-games=glchess
      Resync libegg smclient per mclasen request
      Re-apply our custom patches to smclient.
      don't kill worm by pressing backwards. Patch by Roger Light.
Fixes bug #516992

jorgegonz (1):
      Updated Spansih translation

kennethn (1):
      Added Danish translation of manual by Joe Hansen

kkrothap (2):
      Updated Changelog entry
      Updated Telugu Translations

kmaraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

mariobl (2):
      2009-03-19  Mario Blättermann  <mariobl svn gnome org>

ogmaciel (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.

rancell (1):
      Fix crash when undoing a pawn promotion (Chris Ball, Bug #577395)

simos (44):
      Added Greek translation, figures (Marios Zindilis)
      Added figures (Fotis Tsamis)
      Updated Greek translation (Jennie Petoumenou)
      Added el to DOC_LINGUAS
      Updated Greek translation (Marios Zindilis)
      Added screenshot (Fotis Tsamis)
      Updated Greek translation

sprasad (2):
      updated kn.po

thomashpa (3):
      Only allow one number picker at a time. Bug #530778
      Ignore malformed savegames. Bug #516491
      Reverting changes to ChangeLog.old. Please don't make changes to this file

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