Re: GSoC: convert Gnobots2 to Clutter

2009/3/27 Thomas H.P. Andersen <phomes gmail com>:
>>    On the three following weeks I will add eye candy modifications,
>> like smooth robot and human movement, nice human teleport with at
>> least a shade, animated explosions a short 'seeking safe place'
>> animation for safe teleports. The main challenge here will be to keep
>> the same game experience as the original one. I like playing this game
>> because is agile and you can use it to really distract your mind
>> without "dead times" like in games like Nibbles (you have to wait the
>> snake get its food) or Tetris (wait until the piece hits the bottom).
>> I want it to stay agile, so I don't want to add long animations, like
>> big extra animated explosions, or slow teleports. I think I could fine
>> tune it during the development.

I would only add that I think that robots colliding or exploding
should slightly shake the background. Otherwise the general idea looks
good. You need to have a proposal with lots of detail about how you
are going to go about accomplishing the changes. The competition this
year is fierce.

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