GSoC: convert a game to clutter

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I would be interested to convert Four in a Row to clutter as a summer of
code Project and have therefore some proposals and questions.
As mentioned in the description I would also be interested if I could
discuss an approach with some of the game developers about what's to do.

I already found the time to get familiar with the basics of the clutter
library and had a look at the gnect code and I think that the graphic
could definitely use some improvements. It also shouldn't be a problem
to convert the whole thing to clutter.

So my question is, if the gfx code should be replaced with clutter
effects, or if it should stay there as a fall back solution if clutter
is not supported by the system.

My proposal for the soc Project would be to first (after getting
familiar with the code) implementing the basic stuff like the arena and
the stones falling down, so that the game has about the same
functionality like before.
The second step would be to add some cool animations, like fading to
clear the board, maybe that the stones rotate a little while falling. I
don't know which animations would look the coolest, so I would have to
do some testing and of course I would be open for more proposals.
The third step would be to do some improvements on the static graphics
like boards and stones.
The last step would then be testing, bug fixing, finishing the
documentation of the functions and maybe some minor changes on my code
if necessary.

So I hope some of you find the time to comment on my proposal

Pascal Sachs
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