Re: [Telepathy] GSoC idea: Gnome Games + Telepathy Tube


On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 08:06 +0000, Alban Crequy wrote: 
> Abicollab has some explanations how they do undo in collaborative
> editing:
> It would be nice if you can undo your local moves when you are in a
> different, not related area of the maze. The problem is, do we want a
> maze to be solvable using the undo feature when you would be stuck if
> the undo feature was not there?

Yeah, you took sudoku for sokoban :)
Sudoku will be easier than sokoban, but sure, network lag and conflict
must be considered. Thanks for the great page from AbiCollab. I will
think about the problems and come again with what I may get.

> There should be no code at all dedicated to deal with the different
> CMs. The Sudoku application do not need to know if the contact's
> protocol is jabber or link-local.

That will be even better.

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