Re: GSoC idea: Gnome Games + Telepathy Tube

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 16:40, Zhang Sen <zh jesse gmail com> wrote:
> Hi lists!
> I already sent something similar to games-list (no reply yet), but since
> I have been reading about this project and got more clear, I would like
> to mail the three relevant lists, to ask for suggestions and talk with
> the developers and potential mentors.
> Basically, I want to make gnome-sudoku solvable by two players together.
> One can click on a 'play with your buddy' button and choose a buddy who
> is online. Then the two can collaborate on the puzzle. They can fill in
> the board at the same time, communicate about it and also finish the
> game at the same time.
> For the technical part, sudoku is in python and telepathy-python may
> also be used, which should be clearer than C. I played with sudoku's
> code before and for the past two weeks I have been looking into
> telepathy. Now I roughly knows how telepathy tube works.
> I think most of the work will be to add network support to sudoku. The
> telepathy part also needs efforts though, since we don't have much
> documentation for telepathy. (Of course, that's why there are mentors :)
> There is some things I can learn from to accomplish the project. For
> example, several of gnome-games already have network support, which
> serves as good examples to show how to change a game into a networking
> one. And there are several applications which make use of telepathy,
> e.g. a patched GTetrinet and TicTacTube. They illustrates how can I use
> telepathy tube.
> I also think about taking the other games as the gsoc project. The ones
> already with network surely need less modification. Working on Iagno or
> others can also be interesting. But since I am already familiar with
> sudoku code and I prefer python, sudoku would be more better. So what's
> your opinion or this?

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