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Sudoku should be fairly easy to do I think since transformations
(filling in/removing a number) does not depend on the previous state
of the board. Lag and locking should not be big problems in sudoku.

Features I would like to see:
- Ultra simple start. Just drag 'n drop a friend from IM app, or fetch
a list of online IM friends to show inside the game. Easy set up of a
game on LAN would be really nice too.
- Game modes (collaborative / competitive)
- Awareness UI. In collaborative mode it would be nice to have a
"shadow" of the other players focus to avoid both players working in
the same area.
- Scoring: How would one win in competitive mode? Sudoku can already
find a difficulty rating for each field depending on how obvious it
is. Some sort of penalty for guessing wrong too?
- Versioning. How to implement this to best prevent that future
versions become incompatible.

I think that doing multiplay in sudoku is both very innovative and
fun. However most of the games are in C and I would have liked a
general solution that could be used in all the games. Perhaps you can
even manage both? :)

I would gladly mentor/co-mentor this from gnome-games.

- thomas

> I am only stating what's in my mind and now it's far from an
> application. So I welcome any comment from the community :)
> Zhang Sen
> (aka jessezh on IRC)

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