Re: Gnome Games will make 3D mandatory for 2.28

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 9:31 AM, Jason D. Clinton <me jasonclinton com> wrote:
> The old Gnometris engine is completely worthless, in my opinion. So,
> it will be ripped out entirely.
If that's true, it's a sad situation IMHO.

Hypothetically, there's no reason a system should need fast 3D
rendering to provide a passable tetris experience. How hard can this
really be?

This gets even worse with solitaire. Surely, we should be able to
provide passable solitaire without fast 3D, and without any user

> Which makes me think: would it be to our benefit to rip out the 2D
> engine and pyglext engine for glChess and replace them with some
> Clutter? pyglext seems to be losing favor... there's a bug open about
> this somewhere.

No, for the above reason (seriously, 3D a requirement for CHESS?) and
because Python is the best at adapting to differences in the
underlying system dynamically, with the same code. It would be sad to
not take advantage of this.

If the 2D engine is a burden, someone is doing it wrong.

Vincent Povirk

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