Re: How should we fix the Aisleriot hint strings?

Vincent Povirk wrote:
> Aisleriot has the following bug:
> In aisleriot we have a string "Move %s onto %s.", used for most hints.
> Each %s is the name of a card. Sometimes the second %s is something
> like "an empty foundation slot".
> We currently have 1 string for each card.
> The bug reporter links to this page:
This was discussed 4 years ago with the end result being what we have
now. The thread starts at:

be sure to push through at least until you reach the point where you are
told why the current system doesn't work for Serbian/Finnish/etc.

A visual indicator rather than a string is the best solution. I never
quite got the time, but I always wanted to draw a giant arrow from point
card a to point card b.

 - Callum

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