Re: Still problems with GG on windows


Le Wed, 10 Jun 2009 22:01:12 +0200,
Tom Bass <tom bass zoho com> a écrit :
> Btw, is it a "must-have" to use the nsis installer for gnome games on 
> windows? Personally I'd like to switch to the WiX 3.0 toolkit, that 
> supports (and is built upon) the native windows install toolchain.
> What we'd get is a msi (microsoft installer) file that can also be
> used like an exe. The learning curve is really steep, but the benefit
> afterwards will be high. In our company we have moved from
> InstallShield to WiX 3.0, so I have some knowledge in using it ;-)

Definitely not a "must-have". IMHO, the only "must-have" for the
Aisleriot installer is that it should be an all-in-one (i.e. you
don't have to install glib, gtk+, librsvg etc separately). If you think
WiX is better suited for the job — and producing a native MSI file
sounds like a very good reason — then use it! :-) And since WiX is free
software just like NSIS, there's no problem from this side either.


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