Still problems with GG on windows

Hi everybody,

in the last weeks I have tried in different ways to produce a native binary on windows of the latest Gnome-Games SVN version - without any success... :( One file missing here, one problem here and on and on... it's a bit frustrating ;-) but hopefully in the near future I'll have some success...

Btw, is it a "must-have" to use the nsis installer for gnome games on windows? Personally I'd like to switch to the WiX 3.0 toolkit, that supports (and is built upon) the native windows install toolchain. What we'd get is a msi (microsoft installer) file that can also be used like an exe. The learning curve is really steep, but the benefit afterwards will be high. In our company we have moved from InstallShield to WiX 3.0, so I have some knowledge in using it ;-)

It'd be good to hear some opinions from your side. :)



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