Re: Lights Off merged, off by default

On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 11:42 AM, Andreas Røsdal <andrearo pvv ntnu no> wrote:
> What are the game rules of Lights Off?

Clear the board by inverting the touched tile and its adjacent tiles.
Not every board has a solution and there is an algorithm to determine
if a solution exists.

> Alghough it looks promising, I don't think the game is ready to be
> distributed with any stable gnome-games releases yet, because of the issues
> you pointed out yourself...

Yea, that's why I think off-by-default will be the case for 2.26. It
may all be moot depending on what happens in the GJS vs. libseed
discussion on -devel. If release team decides to block libseed
indefinitely, the game will have to be 'ported' to GJS and await the
stabilization of GObject bindings (which it appears its going to have
to wait for anyway).

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