Re: Lights Off merged, off by default

On Mon, 5 Jan 2009, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
Robert Carr has written and merged a new game which utilizes
JavaScript and Clutter to implement the rules of a game which I
remember finding at local electronics hobby shops as a child. I
believe the common name for the game is "Lights Out". Robert Calls
this implementation "Lights Off". A video can be seen below:


It's damn sexy and the code base is tiny. There's a few integration
steps that remain to be done such as add the app. to the suite of
translatable strings (there's only one translatable string right now,
the window title) and implement a gnome-games style menu that contains
access to Help and About. i18n also needs a little work.

You might be thinking to yourself, "Javascript?! How!?". Well, that's
a good question. This particular game will depend on Seed
(Webkit-JavaScript, GObject Introspection and GIR Repository) which I
have not yet proposed as a dependency. So, this game is optional and
will have to remain off by default to comply with the dependency rules
of modules in the desktop suite.

I feel that this game is very much in the spirit of what is going on
with regard to Gnome Shell, and generally Gnome 3.0.


What are the game rules of Lights Off?

Alghough it looks promising, I don't think the game is ready to be distributed with any stable gnome-games releases yet, because of the issues you pointed out yourself...

 - Andreas

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