Re: git migration

On Mon, 20 Apr 2009, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
The CVS importer didn't manage our legacy CVS branches very well but
it did get all of the legacy tags. Since only two of the legacy CVS
branches survived the conversion and even our old SVN conversion
wasn't all that great[1], I went ahead and deleted those two branches
on the off-chance they contained bad contents. The CVS and SVN servers
will continue on in a read only mode for historical purposes and
reference, should anyone ever care to examine it. I suppose that krh
might be able to figure it out if someone cares but I'm not sure it's
worth the effort.

I also deleted a few 'development' branches that were used to
cultivate a large change in the past and which were never removed when
that feature was merged.

It would be great if someone could update the Developer's Guidelines
on how to check out gnome-games using git:

 - Andreas

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