gnome-games and GNOME 3.0

This is just a quick summary of where we stand wrt GNOME 3.0 and what
we need to do to get gnome-games ready.

Thanks to an early start during 2.25 things are not looking too bad.
We managed to drop libgnome/libgnomeui entirely and replaced a lot of
the deprecated glib and gtk symbols. Gnomeprint is also gone as of
early 2.27.

What we have left is:
1) Deprecated GTK symbols:
We still have a ton of these. Enough to mark us as "complex" in the
Frédéric Péters list: However
they are all in dependencies/ggz-gtk and should go away once we resync
that code with upstream ggz. I have been holding this off for their
1.0 release but I think we could as well just do it now. From a quick
glance it looks like they have taken the GUI improvements upstream
that were done in gnome-games.

2) Libglade:
Chess and sudoku will need to be portet to gtkbuilder.

3) Gconf:
Dconf is not ready yet so nothing actionable here yet.

Things are looking good and with a little work we should be able to
deal with 1 and 2 during 2.27.

- thomas

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