GSoC proposal - convert gnome-game 'five or more' to Clutter


I'd like to convert the gnome-game 'five or more' to Clutter along the GSoC and made a proposal.


My roadmap to achieve this project successful is:

-getting familiar with the game code and clutter
-provide a more detail roadmap until 23 May(GSoC - students begin coding)

-from this date working full time for this project

-convert structural game elements, convert game play and test until 13 July(GSoC - Mid-term)

-convert and improve animations, improve graphic and test

-remove old code and test until 17 August(GSoC - Final)

Between 23 May and 24 August im able to work full time for the project. After that I will be available for fixing bugs and further improvement.

I collect some experience in game-programming and animation by my Master study of ComputerGraphics and ComputerVision. Mainly I have done projects with OpenGL, OpenSG(Bachelor project: sailplane simulation in a virtual environment(CAVE)), physX and processing.

If there are any suggestions please let me know.

Best regards,


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