Re: digital version of classic board game

On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 11:44 AM, Richard Schwarting <aquarichy gmail com> wrote:
However, first I have some questions about Intellectual Property. I'm
hoping not to use any of the original trademarks associated with the
board game, not referencing the original rule book (beyond my
recollection of it from over 5 years back), and recreating the map,
but retaining the same layout.  There are already a few digital
versions of the board game, but none of them are very good.  I can't
see what IP issues I would hit, unless the recreated board and rules
would be an issue.

The only vector that I see that might be a problem would be if the look of the board could be considered a trademark. For example, everyone knows a Monopoly board when they see it. But, even this would be a stretch has the makers of Monopoly have themselves diluted that trademark by making no end of Monopoly-named variants that look nothing like the original.

Unless the USPTO has suddently decided to write themselves new authority (again), I don't believe that it is possible to patent a set of game rules.
  Does anyone know anything off the top of their
head that I should concern myself with, or be willing to hear a bit
more about this particular situation?

I think you're staying away from the worst things.

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